Youth Outreach

Over seventeen years, since its founding in 2001, YouthWorks has engaged thousands of once disconnected youth in our community, offering them basic support services and counseling to help them overcome personal, legal, and social obstacles.

Our programs are aimed at the problem of a growing high school drop-out rate and the need to educate local youth, teach them work-force skills, and connect them to permanent employment.

Teaching Life Skills

We are dedicated to helping youth develop the necessary life skills to become active, productive participants in their community.

We combine mandatory GED coursework for those who have not completed high school with sessions teaching positive behavior and practical social, communication, and leadership skills.

We’ve developed a full suite of “wrap-around” services using case management, counseling, classroom-based education, and on-the-job training designed specifically for high-risk and drop-out youth.

A Community Approach

We take a community approach to youth development, recognizing that given a supportive environment, youth will develop the healthy attitudes and behaviors necessary for coping with the challenges that they encounter throughout life.

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