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¡YouthWorks! students help repair "Garden of Love"

Luis Sánchez Saturno / The New Mexican

When a wall surrounding Helen and Tunnie Sharpe’s “Garden of Love” was damaged by a hit-and-run driver, neighbor Gail Rachor called for help.

Among those responding . . . an entire crew of young men and women from ¡YouthWorks! who, as Rachor said, “went beyond the call of duty”  to restore this Santa Fe landmark.

Read the New Mexican coverage of this community effort here.

¡YouthWorks! Rescues the Saints!

Last Friday, ¡YouthWorks! students and staff rolled up their sleeves to help repair the wall of the famous house and garden of Helen and Tunnie Sharpe, located on the corner of Agua Fria and Velarde.

¡YouthWorks! crew helps repair "Garden of Love."

The wall was damaged as the result of a hit and run accident the night before, leaving the famous garden with its saints and historic paraphernalia vulnerable to potential theft and vandalism.

After hearing about the accident, ¡YouthWorks! Executive Director Melynn Schuyler reached out to Gail Rachor, a friend and neighbor of the Sharpes to see what could be done to help.

Almost immediately, ¡YouthWorks! dispatched a team to help repair the wall. Students and staff are scheduled to return to the site on Monday, August 14, to finish restoring this Santa Fe landmark to its original condition.

More on UNM Med School Collaboration

UNM med students collaborate with ¡YouthWorks!

Check out this Santa Fe New Mexican feature for the latest on the collaboration between ¡YouthWorks! and students from the UNM Medical School.

Reporter Sami Edge details how the brainstorming with ¡YouthWorks! students translated into public health outreach in rural New Mexico.

Congratulations!!! to Pete Ulibarri

Congratulations to ¡YouthWorks! program graduate Pete Ulibarri on his new position with the City of Santa Fe!

In May, Pete successfully completed a pilot training program in digital fabrication and advanced manufacturing, as part of a collaborative effort between ¡YouthWorks! and MAKE Santa Fe.

With the help of ¡YouthWorks! staff, Pete got a second apprenticeship with a local fencing company while he looked for permanent employment.

In July, Pete was offered and accepted a position with the City of Santa Fe Parks & Recreation Department as a Maintenance Laborer. Pete officially began his new position on August 1 and has been stopping by ¡YouthWorks! after getting off work with the City.

¡YouthWorks! is proud of Pete and wishes him continued success.

Now Recruiting for Verde Fund Project

¡YouthWorks! is gearing up recruitment for five to six part-time job opportunities with Verde Fund partner Reunity Resources.

Reunity Resources is recruiting young people to learn on the job about the different aspects of greenhouse management, composting, and sustainable farming practices. The ideal candidate will be between the ages of 18-24.

For more information about these opportunities, please contact Devin Baldwin at (505) 989-1855 or stop by ¡YouthWorks!, located at 1504/1506 Cerrillos Road.

The Verde Fund is a City of Santa Fe initiative launched by Mayor Javier Gonzales to bring positive change to our community. The Fund’s goal is to connect local young people to the economy while helping vulnerable families address hunger, save money, build resiliency, and prepare Santa Fe for the impact of climate change.

UNM Med Students Partner with ¡YouthWorks!

University of New Mexico School of Medicine students Claire Melo, Brian Wilkinson, and Ryan Keffer wrapped up their final sexual health class with ¡YouthWorks! students on Wednesday, July 19.

UNM Medical Students Lead Session at ¡YouthWorks!

The three second-year medical students brainstormed with ¡YouthWorks! staff at the end of June about how to engage in public health outreach with ¡YouthWorks! students.

Out of that brainstorming session, the trio of med students developed a four-week comprehensive, youth-focused health curriculum around the topics of sexual health, anatomy and physiology, substance abuse, and mental health.

When asked why they chose YouthWorks as the site to develop this public health programming, Mr. Wilkinson said, “We are passionate about teaching and educating the youth on issues that affect them, and want to make sure they can make informed decisions.”


UNM Medical Students Lead Session at ¡YouthWorks!

As a result of the positive feedback received from students, ¡YouthWorks! hopes to continue this collaborative partnership with UNM medical students in the future.

Ms. Melo said her greatest take-away from the experience was “learning how to present information, obtain feedback, and implement that feedback into design.”

The educational materials developed over the four-week period will incorporate student feedback, be updated to reflect that feedback, and will become the property of ¡YouthWorks! to use in educating future students.

$50K Grant Benefits ¡YouthWorks!

City of Santa Fe, MAKE Santa Fe Earn Community WINS Grant Recognizing Neighborhood Revitalization Efforts

$50,000 will support a Digital Fabrication Youth Lab to equip young Santa Feans with advanced manufacturing workforce skills

July 17, 2017

SANTA FE – A pilot curriculum launched by MAKE Santa Fe with support from the City of Santa Fe Economic Development fund to give young Santa Feans skills to build careers in advanced manufacturing and digital fabrication will receive a big boost this year. MAKE Santa Fe and the City of Santa Fe became one of only 6 city partnerships nationwide to secure a CommunityWINS grant that supports neighborhood revitalization.

The DigiFab Youth Lab teaches “emerging critical skills necessary for succeeding in our rapidly evolving economy,” and launched in 2016 after earning support from the City Economic Development fund in a competitive RFP process focused on workforce development in the community.

Mayor Javier Gonzales announces grant to DigiFab Youth Lab

As a pilot in partnership with YouthWorks, it has provided over 200 hours of training over each 12-week program, teaching skills in manufacturing and fabrication but also focusing on entrepreneurialism and mentorship, job or apprenticeship placement, design thinking, and employment “soft skills” like teamwork.

With the additional funding, MAKE Santa Fe will be able to expand and adapt its programs to serve multiple cohorts simultaneously and share their experience with other communities.

Mayor Javier M. Gonzales, who accepted the award on behalf of the partnership at a recent United State Conference of Mayors meeting, said, “MAKE Santa Fe puts local people to work in the jobs of the future – helping businesses tap into a more qualified workforce and giving young people a non-college track to a successful career. This is the kind of work we need to be doing to help local people find work and build their lives in this community.

Zane Fischer, MAKE Santa Fe’s co-founder and himself an entrepreneur in digital manufacturing, said, “This Digital Fabrication and Advanced Manufacturing program is providing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the young adults in our community. It’s delivering the skill sets they need to thrive and innovate going into the future and offering an opportunity to level up in a big way.”

Fischer added, “We’re incredibly proud to be partners with The City of Santa Fe and its economic development emphasis on smart, forward thinking workforce and apprenticeship programs.”

Watch a video that breaks down the program and features some of the first students:


¡YouthWorks! in Line for Verde Fund Grant

¡YouthWorks! is one of a dozen entities poised to receive grant money from what elected city leaders have designated as the Verde Fund, an initiative by Mayor Javier Gonzales to combat climate change and reduce poverty.

¡YouthWorks! is part of a collaborative group working to bring positive change to our community, connecting local young people to the economy while helping vulnerable families address hunger, save money, build resiliency, and prepare Santa Fe for the impact of climate change.

Click here to read more about this initiative.

The Santa Fe Reporter Cites Our Work

The Santa Fe Reporter says ¡YouthWorks! keeps hope lit in a darkening world, offering critical support to thousands of teens and young adults in the Northern New Mexico area.

Read the full article here.

MAKE Santa Fe Class in Full Swing

Thanks to a collaborative team effort with MAKE Santa Fe, the ¡Youthworks! digital fabrication class is in full swing. Participants are developing trade skills as they learn to use tools in wood shop, metal shop, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

Ginger Richardson, MAKE Santa Fe’s founder, identified the perfect teacher for the class—employee Randy Castillo.

Randy was previously a children’s minister and had experience working with students from diverse backgrounds. Randy says he has a soft spot in his heart for students from tough backgrounds because he’s been there himself and knows that, with a little help, anyone can succeed.

The students work with Randy four days a week for about four hours a day. They participate in “open projects,” which means the students decide themselves what they want to do.


¡YouthWorks! students learn how to weld at MAKE Santa Fe.

According to Randy, once they complete the class, the ¡Youthworks! students will have an edge in the field since they’re both learning to work with different kinds of tools and learning the in’s and out’s of the trade.

Randy says if his students choose to continue down this career path, they will be some of the most well-rounded workers out there. Already some students have sold pieces they’ve made, sometimes in collaboration with one another.


¡YouthWorks! students explore the world of digital printing at MAKE Santa Fe.

In an open project, the students must plan the project start to finish—proposing ideas, logistically planning the project, accounting for any hiccups along the way, and finishing the projects they start.

Randy lets the students know that, as a maker, failure happens, and it’s normal. To emphasize that fact, the class keeps a “failure box” so they can track their mistakes and learn from them. As Randy notes, seeing how to turn failure into success is a lesson that applies to the students’ lives outside of the workshop.

¡YouthWorks! students learn glass craft at MAKE Santa Fe.
¡YouthWorks! student learns the art of glass-making at MAKE Santa Fe.

Randy says the community has been wonderfully responsive to his students. Members of the community have given lessons in the various trades and taken time out of their jobs to let the kids experience firsthand what goes on in their work environments. Students have taken field trips to Liquid Light Glass and visited the Chamber of Commerce Job Fair, giving them exposure to various aspects of the field.


¡YouthWorks! students learn welding techniques at MAKE Santa Fe.

To learn more about MAKE Santa Fe, head to their website, where you can learn about membership prices, classes, and information about the business.

You can also head down to 2879 All Trades Road here in Santa Fe anytime Wednesday through Sunday from 12 noon to 8 pm and see for yourself what’s going on.

Stay tuned for news about an art show featuring some of the work from this class. Details will be posted here on the ¡YouthWorks! website.

Klean Cut Kenny Works His Magic

Kenny Tapia, a.k.a. Klean Cut Kenny, stopped by ¡YouthWorks! again this afternoon to spruce up our young people with fresh, new haircuts.

Kenny first began cutting hair at ¡YouthWorks! as part of a community service commitment, but he had such a good time getting to know the students and hearing their stories, he kept coming back. He says it’s great seeing how excited the young people get when he makes them look fabulous.

Kenny Tapia, a.k.a. Klean Cut Kenny, gives free haircuts at ¡YouthWorks!

Kenny got his start in the haircutting business when he was only in high school. He had a natural talent and plenty of business giving haircuts to his friends. After years of taking clients in his garage—sometimes late at night, to his mother’s dismay—he got his barber’s license in 2015.

If you’d like to check out Klean Cut Kenny’s talent for yourself, you can find him during regular business hours at Suite 404A, 3600 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe.

Melynn Schuyler Selected as Panelist

Melynn Schuyler, the executive director of ¡YouthWorks!, has been selected to share her expertise on a panel of local nonprofit leaders to address the findings of a 2016 survey of 300 nonprofits from across the state.

The panel will discuss how the survey findings reflect the struggles and successes of their organizations and how they develop and sustain partnerships to achieve positive outcomes for children, families, and communities across New Mexico.

The session is free of charge and will be held at the Santa Fe Community Foundation on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, from 3 – 4:30 pm.

For more details or to register for this session, visit the Santa Fe Community Foundation website.

Youth Conservation Corps Begins Work

The !YouthWorks¡ Youth Conservation Corps is partnering with the City of Santa Fe and the Wildfire Network this summer to deliver public beautification and restoration projects. Classes started with an outdoor session on April 24 led by Wildfire Network Trainer Krys Nystrom.

The !YouthWorks¡ Conservation Corps attends class in an outdoor setting.

The crews are already at work at the Santa Fe Institute Tesuque campus, where they hiked the trails to identify trees that need to be thinned. The thinning will control erosion in the area to reduce the risk of wildfire.

The !YouthWorks¡ Youth Conservation Corps identifies threes for thinning.

This training allows the young people to work toward Basic Firefighter certification, a step on the path to a high-paying career.

As part of the project, the young people will also be engaged in GED coursework at !YouthWorks¡ where they will also have access to free counseling and case management services.

New Mexican Cites Shelter Now! Success

This weekend’s New Mexican featured the success of Shelter Now, a project launched in late December to host homeless young adults in Santa Fe during the cold winter months.

¡YouthWorks! and its partners—the Adelante program at Santa Fe Public Schools, the Youth Shelters’ Street Outreach and Transitional Living Program, and the Santa Fe Community Foundation’s Birth to Career Collaborative—initiated Shelter Now with a $50,000 grant from the Kind World Foundation, along with matching funds from the Santa Fe community.

Read all about the success of this project in this weekend’s edition of the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Part-Time Positions Available!

¡YouthWorks! river restoration crew installs a bridge across the Santa Fe River.

Santa Fe ¡YouthWorks! is currently accepting applications for eight positions with the Youth Conservation Corps and ¡YouthWorks! River Restoration Crew.

Participants in this program learn new skills, help protect the environment, and earn a paycheck too!

Interested candidates should call 505-989-1855 or stop by Santa Fe ¡YouthWorks! at1504 Cerrillos Road to fill out an application.

¡YouthWorks! Benefit Set for March 12

Join us for dinner and music at a benefit for ¡YouthWorks! on March 12 at Boxcar Bar & Grill, 530 South Guadalupe Street.

No cover charge—donations requested to help support education and job training for “at-risk” youth in Santa Fe.

Come for the food, come for the music, and come to hear from Kate Noble, newly elected Santa Fe Public Schools board member, why organizations like ¡YouthWorks! are vital to the Santa Fe community.

Boxcar Bar & Grill hosts a benefit for !YouthWorks! to honor their work in the Santa Fe Community.

¡YouthWorks! Benefit at Fire & Hops

On Wednesday, March 8, local gastropub Fire & Hops welcomes Ska Brewing from Durango for a benefit to help support ¡Youthworks!, a community-based nonprofit that helps local “at-risk” youth get their lives back on track.

Join us at Fire and Hops from 5:00 to 9:30 pm for beer and food specials at 222 North Guadalupe Street in Santa Fe.

Fire & Hops hosts a benefit for ¡YouthWorks! to honor their work in the Santa Fe Community.

A percentage of all proceeds from the evening will benefit ¡YouthWorks! education and job training programs to help “disconnected” youth become engaged and valued members of their communities.

For details about the menu and the special brews, click here.

Digital Fabrication Course Underway

Young people from ¡YouthWorks! do classroom work as part of their internship in digital fabrication.
Young people from ¡YouthWorks! work with a digital laser printer as part of their internship at MAKE Santa Fe.

¡YouthWorks!​ is partnering with MAKE Santa Fe to offer a course in digital fabrication.

MAKE Santa Fe is a local non-profit community workspace where people can access tools, resources and workshops in order to make, repair, invent, or create anything they can dream.

It’s like a gym, but with powerful tools instead of exercise equipment and skilled craftspeople instead of personal trainers.

In this 12-week course, students meet four times a week at the MAKE Santa Fe facility, which is located at 2879 All Trades Road.

Participants learn the basics of computer aided design, computer numerical control, additive and subtractive manufacturing, as well as lab safety.

For more information, contact us at (505) 989-1855.


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