Our Youth at Work

At YouthWorks, our on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and job placement cover many different types of jobs in different fields.

However different they are, these positions all have something in common—they represent an opportunity for success for young people who too often in their lives have felt like failures.

Success Changes Lives

The work experience young people gain at YouthWorks—coupled with counseling services, case management, and educational opportunities—prepares them for success, a life of meaningful work and a steady paycheck that can create stability in their lives.

¡YouthWorks! graduate has a new job at a popular local cafe.

Elora, a recent GED graduate, who came into her own with the YouthWorks staff’s encouragement, finally decided, as she put it, to “do right.” Today she has a job as a hostess at a popular local café, and she’s building a better life for herself and her daughter.

¡YouthWorks! graduate promoted from apprentice to full-time employee.

Kelvin, a young man who came to us following one troubled episode after another, buckled down, took every training class offered, and ended up as an apprentice at a heating and air conditioning firm. In less than six months, that apprenticeship turned into a full-time job.

Work Experience Creates Success

Our young people gain specific work experience through many different YouthWorks programs, but the things they learn are more than specific skills in a particular field of work. They’re learning to be productive and successful members of our community.

Here are some of the ways our job training helps them develop the mind-set and the work skills they need to succeed:




Working with Habitat for Humanity, our YouthBuild participants learn hands-on construction skills, while helping build affordable housing for the people in our community.

Home Rehabilitation & Weatherization


Working in teams, our young people put their construction and remodeling skills to work rehabilitating a house that will be sold to low-income qualified buyers, with the profits going to support the YouthWorks mission.

Land Management & Fire Prevention


Crews train to work with public and private partners to conduct fire mitigation and land treatment projects to preserve, protect, and maintain forest and watershed health for future sustainability.

River Restoration


Crews work on environmental projects focused on riparian restoration, beautification, and stewardship along the Santa Fe River and its associated arroyos.

Culinary Arts



Under the direction of Chef Carmen and Penny Rodriguez, the culinary team learns food preparation while providing meals to the YouthWorks work crews, many of whom might otherwise not have access to healthy meals.



Personal Care Assistant Training


A ten-week healthcare training track leads to nationally recognized certification, giving participants qualifications for entry-level jobs in the ever-growing healthcare field.

Join with Us

We would love for your organization or business to join us and be a part of the YouthWorks success story.

If you would like to participate in our apprenticeship program or simply get more information about the program, please call Devin Baldwin, our Workforce and Personnel Engagement Director, at (505) 989-1855 or email him at devin@santafeyouthworks.org.

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